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All Things Aquatic is based at on the and East Sussex border in the South East of England.

A friendly, family run aquatic shop, specialising in Marine, Tropical, Cold Water, Pond Fish and Koi.  Corals are a special interest to our very own expert, who is qualified with a degree in oceanography and has several years in the aquatics retail trade.

Drop in and see us for Tropical, Marine, Pond fish and Koi including Corals, Invertebrates, all types of fish food including frozen. A vast range of treatments and equipment are available, likewise Gift Vouchers are always available.


Stocking a range of exciting and colourful Marine fish for all aquariums. For example, a mixture of reef safe and non reef fish of all sizes and shapes.  If All Things Aquatic haven’t got it in stock, we will order your fish in for you.  Our stock is always changing, hence you need to be quick to see the new varieties when they arrive.  Keep an eye on our Facebook page or our ‘What’s New page on the website to keep updated.

We quarantine all of our Marine livestock in our dedicated on-site systems.  As a result, transfer to our main ‘on sale’ system will occur after a minimum of two weeks and only after we are happy they are healthy and feeding.  You are always welcome to ask what we have in our quarantine systems and we will let you have a preview.

All Things Aquatic,

All Things Aquatic, Hawkhurst Fish Farm, Hastings Road, Hawkhurst, Kent, TN18 4RT

Corals & Inverts

At our Kent/Sussex border shop we stock a large variety of Coral and Invertebrates

With a large coral system we stock a huge variety of coral species all on display. Xenia to Acropora both frags and colonies. We can advise on which corals are great beginner species and give advice on providing  the best environment for any of your corals. Our frag range continues to grow and we are always on the lookout for those special varieties that excite the reef keeper.

All Things Aquatic offer a selection of the most popular and efficient clean up crew as well as the oddities in marine invertebrates.


We have a large range of tropical fish available. As a result of our ever evolving range of fish, we have choices from the common to the sublime.  All types and styles of tropical freshwater fish aquariums.  Likewise, we also have shrimp, snails and dwarf frogs available.

If we haven’t got what you desire we can order it especially for you.

Take a look at the extensive range of equipment available, we stock or can also get spares for many items including replacement bulbs.

Our stock is often changing.  Keep updated – visit the All Things Aquatic shop or see what’s happening by following us on Facebook.

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