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Aquatic Warehouse

The in , Manchester is one of the largest aquatic retail outlets in the UK.  Consequently, this is reflected with a vast selection of high quality products and livestock in our 9,000 square foot store.  To this end, we are fully open to the public and provide:

  • A modern,well-ordered spacious retail environment.
  • Free on-site parking and close proximity to nearby motorway.
  • An extensive range of dry goods at competitive prices
  • A massive selection of marine and freshwater livestock.

Therefore, ‘We stock quality in quantity!’

Abyss Aquatic Warehouse has been established for over 25 years and as a result, it is ever evolving. Our growth has known no bounds, hence we believe our last move, we have found our perfect shop!  To illustrate, we have a whopping 9,000 square foot of modern and spacious retailing area and free customer parking.

Abyss Aquatic Warehouse

Abyss Aquatic Warehouse, Unit 6, Brookside Estate, Off Waterloo Road, Stockport, SK1 3BD

Specialising in Marine fish, Marine Invertebrates, Corals and frags.  In addition, Tropical fish, Tropical Plants, Invertebrates, L-number Plecs and much more. Hence our vast, varied and pristine livestock is displayed in over 400 hundred immaculately presented aquariums. Matched with our impeccable service of course, has lead to our outstanding reputation.

Dry Goods and Stock

Besides our fish room we have a massive selection of low priced dry goods and hold an incredible amount of stock. We stock everything a discerning fish keeper could ask for.  For instance, ultra sleek designer aquariums with the interior landscaping design products to match.  From the classic timeless aquarium with the natural riverbed look, to the modern aquarium.

Furthermore, we have chosen to stock good quality and reliable products from reputable manufacturers.  Resulting in our shop becoming a preferred outlet for many of the main aquatic companies.  Our attention to detail and customer service is second to none.  Good, honest, practical and experienced advice is always offered to customers in a friendly and helpful manner.  Finally, our tried and tested approach to recommending products, means you will never waste money on unnecessary equipment again!

Abyss Aquatic Warehouse
Unit 6
Brookside Estate
Off Waterloo Road

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